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You should be able to find all three books in your local drum store. If not, call Hal Leonard Publishing ‘Music Dispatch’ at 1-800-637-2852 and they will mail it to you. Or go on line at http://www.musicdispatch.com and order with your credit card.

Colin now offers individual lessons via Skype.

Book Reviews

Bass Drum Control Solos

Bass Drum Contro Solosl


(October 2003)

"A follow-up to the famed Bass Drum Control book, Solos ratchets it up for those desiring the winged feet of Mercury. It's a workout of four-bar linear "solos" in 16th-note (and some triplet) patterns. The goal is expanded use of the foot in solo licks as well as control and endurance. Bass notes are grouped in increasing numbers from one to four, placed in varying beats between hand strokes. Bailey impressively demonstrates on a four-piece jazz kit (note; actually recorded on a five-piece set). Players dreaming of fleet feet will find shedding heaven for their next progressive solo."

              — Jeff Potter




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